32 Persons from West Papua Crossed into Vanimo Today




About 32 persons from West Papua have crossed over to Papua New Guinea, at Wutung, Vanimo, Sandaun Province.

The 32 persons have been detained at Wutung Border Station as there has been no “green light” from PNG Foreign Departments and also there is no response from Vanimo Catholic Bishops even though they have promised to host them.

The West Papua Refugees Relief Association (WPRRA) in Port Moresby requests the PNG Government not to relocate those new refugees in Black Water Camp in Vanimo or in Kiunga, Western Province, but to place them in other provinces or if it is impossible they should request asylums in a third country.

Elimar Gombo, the Chair of WPRRA says they should stay temporarily at Yako Village, and the best option is then they can request for asylum.

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