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Building House for WPRRA Workers in Port Moresby

We have almost completed building the office of the West Papua Refugee Relief Association (WPRRA). The house of the officers or workers of the WPRRA is about 10 meters away from the office of WPRRA, a barrack consisting 5 rooms that are divided into two blocks in each room, where room one is used as the living room and room two is for bedroom. It means the kitchen will be build by each inhabitant outside/ back side of the house. A toilet set and shower room with water container is also provided in order to serve the water supply to the office and the houses.
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Youths from Local Congregation help build the house.

The building of the house of WPRRA workers began in September 2021, but then it was suspended for a month due to the lack of money to continue.

Then building began again in October after receiving donations from Dolly-Karoba-Derey in the Netherlands and her children and from Yikwanak Modla in England. These donations contributed significantly to the building, and we are once again grateful to your kind contributions.

There is a lot of challenges along the way due to the prices of materials continue to raise in Port Moresby and in Papua New Guinea in general. .

The workers need to have a complete set of standard house and furniture with public or shared toilet and shower room established separately between the office and the house for workers.

Five rooms for the WPRRA workers are dedicated by Mrs. Dolly-Karoba-Derey in the Netherlands and Yikwanak Modla in England.

In the future, the housing will consists of houses for leaders and workers, however, right now we are building one long barrack which will be divided into 5 rooms.

We invite sponsor and donation from various parties to complete the house.

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