West Papua Refugee Relief Association (WPRRA) Inc was formed and registered by Papuan New Guineans as a relief, charity, advocacy and non profit organisation charged with the responsibility to mobilize and distribute resources for the welbeing of West Papuan refugees who have sought refuge in PNG as a result of continued suppression under the Republic of Indonesia.

West Papuan plight has been a ongoing struggle for self-determination since the annexation of the territory with the Republic of Indonesia in 1963.

The Association was formed, registered and managed by PNG social justice activists and advocates of human rights. It is purely a charity, non-profit organisation based on service provision and goodwill of mankind, regardless or race, origin, creed, culture, and language to restore dignity among the oppressed and suppressed.

The Purpose and Objectives

  1. To assist West Papuan Refugees living in Papua New Guinea meet their social and economic needs;
  2. To advocate for the legal rights and status of West Papuan Refugees living in Papua New Guinea;
  3. To setup, operate and coordinate/manage health and education facilities in Papua New Guinea Refugee Care Centres;
  4. To assist and facilitate processes for West Papuan Refugees to seek third countries in cases where their rights to residency and such other legal status were being denied;
  5. To assist West Papua Refugees integrate into the mainstream socio-economic life in Papua New Guinea; and
  6. To assist West Papua Refugees in Papua New Guinea contribute meaningfully to the socio-economic welbeing of Papua New Guinea during their stay in the country as refugees, residents or citizens of Papua New Guinea.

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